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What to do if you feel cheated

Updated: May 27, 2020

What to do if you feel cheated.

I share with you some tips to help

- How to find evidence to evaluate if you are really cheated.

- How to manage your emotions and feelings.

- How to deal with it, and to evaluate what to do in your relationship.

- And how to restart a new life after being cheated.

Paper heart on a string that is torn in two halves

Finding evidence if you are really cheated.

Having doubts can destroy your own confidence, your self-esteem, and your relationship as well, at the same time, doubts can drive you to determine a false point of view or opinions about the situation and your partner, so, what do you need to do?

Find evidence: you have to be sure to find evidence of your idea to be cheated. What is really happening? Where did you hear about the ‘fact’? Who has gossiped it? Is it a bad intention from someone that wants to disturb you or your relationship?

So, don’t jump into easy conclusions, take more than one evidence, and ask.

The only way is to ask questions without being like an investigator: ask and compare, ask and match the story you have heard with the facts. But is it really happening?

Try to make a list that helps you to take evidences, but this not means that you can do everything you want, because you have to respect others' privacy and preserve yourself from risks…

Is it a casual fact or a fact with strong evidence, like to be cheated online? Is it made by your partner in person? And how your partner is involved, can make a difference to you? Has your partner involved in a temporary time in the past or she or he is currently involved? Are there emotions behind your partner secret story? Or is it only a physical story?

· Has your partner used protection? Maybe, you can test yourself to preserve your health…and this can impact on your decision to continue your relationship.

· Where does it happen? When has it happened? How many times?

· Does your partner still want to stay in your relationship?

· What do you want to do If your partner wants to stay in your relationship or not?

Try to respond to these questions and then continue to read my next articles about this topic.

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