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Cristian Cairo with his book The 10 Amazing Steps to Success

Passionate About Inspiring Others, 

Helping Women to Transform their Lives

Dear friend, I wish to share a little bit about me, my name is Cristian Cairo and I am a proud Relationship Coach and I am living in London, a marvellous city that has allowed me to grow as a person and to make my most desired dreams come true.

I could spend hours talking about me, but I have chosen to tell you why I became a relationship coach.


My Vision is to help women to live the life they desire. My mission is to help you.

I am sure that you are wondering, why this man wants to help me, he is not a woman!

And how can he help me with my relationship issues?


If I were you, I would wonder about the same.


In a certain way, I could say that I am lucky to have the opportunity to know women’s issues more than most men…

This is my story


I was born in a complex family, my parents split when I was 6 years old.


At seven years old, my sister and I went to a nun college, where I learned quickly how to deal with girls and I realized the issues young women have.

I became their best friend, despite my young age, I was ready to help them when they were in trouble!


Every weekend, my sister and I went home, and we were so happy to see our parents…but we had to alternate where we stayed, one weekend in my mother’s home, the other weekend in my father’s home.


My mother was very young, and made every effort to raise me and my sister, but it was not easy, she struggled with many problems: she worked very hard to give us a good life, and I became her support and best friend, despite my young age of 10, I acted like a young man.


I was her only friend, and soon I started to sympathize with her problems: her health, her jealous and violent new partner, her difficult family relationship, mobbing at work, paying rent with a low income.

With this raised awareness about her life I had soon turned into some kind of counsellor for the other women around me.

I helped my sister in her teenage years and later when she had to deal with abusive relationships.

I supported other female relatives with their poor self-esteem and helped many of my female friends to deal with toxic relationships.


So, I can understand you.


I can understand if you are struggling with your relationships, with yourself, your own partner, boss, and colleagues, or family members.


​I know how you feel when someone cheats on your, when you are abused or if you feel lost and do not know what to do after a breakup.


Unfortunately, this happened to me, too.


In that moment, I have learned a great lesson:


I have forgiven my ex-girlfriend who cheated on me, and suddenly I realized that we cannot control other lives: I told her that she had decided to take another way and in my heart I was happy for her.

How I can help you


This has happened, and I have accepted that. Later, I became wiser and I created my new life.

Being able to do this, I am sure that I can help you too.


I can help you


  • Managing your emotions and feelings when you feel betrayed

  • ​Dealing with a breakup

  • ​And rebuilding your new life, with new opportunities


Knowing how a toxic relationship can damage your self-esteem, life balance and connection to others, I ask you to take your time and think about what is important for you:


                                   Yourself- You are the most important person.


I wish to be seen as a mentor for those women who feel stuck or cannot take action and therefore cannot live the life they desire, so I can help you to fix your relationship issues or to support you for example to leave a toxic relationship.

I do this through my personalized 1 to 1 FREE discovery call, where you can tell me about your situation, and we can take the time to decide together how to solve your problem.

Cristian Cairo shaking hands with his client Miles

The C.A.I.R.O. Method


In your next relationship coaching session, I will apply my holistic approach to my exclusive C.A.I.R.O. Method, to help you solve your problem.


The C.A.I.R.O. Method is a unique tool to empower any area of your life, and you can use it to improve your romantic relationships as well.


How I turned my gift into a profession


I started coaching in Italy as a life coach in 2015, then I moved to the U.K. where I realized where my true passion is: helping women with their relationship issues.

With my previous experience as a life coach, I decided to become a relationship coach and I am improving my coaching skills constantly with the Coaching Academy and I update my knowledge in this sector following the Peggy Guglielmino’s seminars.


I want to be clear and transparent with you.


At this moment, there is no specific course to become a relationship coach around the world, and at the same time, it is not required to have a certification in relationship coaching.

So, how can you choose a coach, even me, to solve your relationship issues?

Thanks to my coaching techniques as humanistic coach and my passion in behavioural psychology and my previous experiences within volunteering projects I have developed those skills to recognise my client’s needs and goals.

These are the main achievements who allowed me to become a life and a relationship coach:


  • 12th March 2020, Certification of Relationship Coaching, Best Tools in Relationships, by Peggy Guiglielmino


  • 13th January 2019, Certification of Financial Coaching, CPD Accredited by The Coaching Academy


  • 18th November 2019, Certification of Resilience Coaching, CPD Accredited by The Coaching Academy


  • December 2018, Certification of Coaching for Success, accredited by Grit Programmes, an exclusive programme delivered at the Ark Academy of Wembley.


  • 15th July 2018, Certification of Transactional Analysis for Coaches, CPD Accredited by The Coaching Academy


  • February 2016, Certification in Corporate Coaching, accredited by Scuola Italiana of Life & Corporate Coaching, Milan Italy, tutoring by Dr. Luca Stanchieri.


  • January 2016, Diploma in Ultimate Coaching, accredited by Scuola Italiana of Life & Corporate Coaching, Milan Italy, tutoring by Dr. Luca Stanchieri.


Nowadays, I am teaching during my seminars and if you attend, you will learn those techniques and how to deal with your relationship issues.

I am committed to being a relationship coach and to use my valuable knowledge and experience tool make an impact in my community.


I believe that as a relationship coach I have to be committed to knowledge and to apply that knowledge that can impact women’s lives. For this reason, I keep on studying and specifically in these relationship areas:


Communication for couples,


  • Toxic Relationships and abusive relationships,

  • Breaking up

  • Cheating

  • Empowering women to (re)gain self-esteem


As a Relationship coach my empathy towards others’ needs has become even stronger than it was before

Caring about others was always my mission. Back in Italy, I volunteered in many charities in helping vulnerable people.


I can help you to learn how to become more aware about your empathy level, to manage your emotions better, especially during a conflict within your relationship.

What you will get out of it

My wish is to help you build every day the space to create your long-term solutions in your relationship.

We should not forget that problems in your relationship can arise again and quickly they disappear, and the next time a difficult situation comes up you will be prepared to deal with it, having your emotions under control.

My past experience as shop assistant manager in a big supermarket and sales person, has given me those skills to help you to plan and make strategies, and be disciplined to manage both your personal and professional issue while you are living a romantic story.

Working on our emotions and relationships’ issues is not the same on working in a hard workplace environment of course, let me explain what I mean…

I have gained many career goals and achieved company canvas in different human environments, where I have seen brutal behaviours between bosses and colleagues; it was hard to stay committed and focused all the time, while I have increased the sells in my supermarket good sector on over one million euros.

I have learned how to lead a group of over fifteen people and be ethical, charismatic, and teaching them how to work together and follow our company’s aims.

This was possible because I have developed my way to manage my and other emotions in a highly competitive and stressed work environment, and I have learned how to reduce fears and lack of motivation:

I was focused on priorities only, and I have set up how to solve those urgencies that could create problems or delay important functional tasks.

This kind of mindset can be used to take control your life, your relationship issues and your emotions as well, learning how to be come more logical is the key, and this will help you to see your relationship in a different way, with different points of you and decide how to deal and solve them.

One of my goals is helping you to improve your self-awareness and reflection: together we can work to develop them, too.

As a relationship coach, I can give you a deep insight into yourself, allowing you to see the dynamic that could crack your relationship.

This way, you will be able to look at your problems more objectively and react in an appropriate way, especially in situations of stress.

How my relationship coaching style can help you?

How Can I help you to reach your relationship goals?

How do I help you to recognize obstacles within your romantic story?

As a relationship coach I enable you to think freely without bias and prejudice thereby nurturing your relationships, with yourself at first and with others, of course.

This is possible because, I will enable you to see potential areas of improvement in your relationships, and help you work on them.

You will learn and apply strategies to set specific goals, find purpose in your relationship, and to become resilient and patient. My exclusive tests will enable you to empower yourself as well.

Everyone who takes part in my programme, will receive my free guides as a gift:

  • Your Free Relationship Short Guide, PDF.



My coaching method and these guides help you dealing with any setbacks or obstacles you might face whilst you are rewiring your thought processes, thereby giving you a stress – free relationship.

As you know, our relationships influence our life-balance and the way we deal with our problems and daily tasks.

This becomes harder in certain periods of your life and changes put your mind and your body under stress. You might also feel resistance to the changes that are inevitable in  life and I will help you to manage them better.

As you know our relationships could be affected by a new career, health, different new lifestyle and new needs and goals.

I will be happy to help you learning step by step how to trust, love, get intimate and develop great life-long connections which you will cherish forever!


Dear friend, thank you for reading more about me, I have really appreciated this.


I hope that you have enjoyed reading my short description, and please feel free to ask me any questions you like, that I can answer and I am looking forward to helping you as well.