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How to achieve your goals and live the life you deserve.

‘The 10 Amazing Steps to Success!’ were born from my need to create appropriate strategies for my goals, and I learned that there isn’t a magic key to success in life and career, but as you know there are many paths that lead us to reach the desired goal and each one comes in its own way and in its own time.


It is important to recognise that it is possible to achieve results in life and this is the first premise to keep in mind, even when our goals aren’t easy to accomplish. There are many factors that can help you to find those characteristics that are important to your life and career: initiative and self- confidence accompanied by genuine enthusiasm are always present in those who develop the ability to establish themselves in life, always being grateful to others around themselves.


I realised that those tools and strategies I created for my self in order to achieve my goals, could be also beneficial for thousands of people who also struggle to find the way to live the life they really deserve.


One of my main purposes in life is to help people to discover and focus which their real purposes are, so I decided to start my career as Life Coach in order to support any person that is willing to change and improve in his/her life, and with my 10 Amazing Steps as approach, I believe they can achieve it. Therefore, I decided to gather them in a book.


Are you ready to sacrifice what you are for what you want to become?

This first step is about knowing and connecting with yourself. For this, It'd be necessary to know more about your current beliefs and identifying your thinking patterns, discovering what is your biggest limitation and pointing out the barriers that are taking you away from your success, identifying your weaknesses and how can you control them, acknowledging your skills and realizing which are your talents, among others.

Once we get to this point, we'll be ready to continue to the next step. 


The CAIRO Method  and The Wheel of Life


The next step is to start creating your "new life", and for this, you are going to use the CAIRO Method (Change, Add, Improve, Remove, Options) going around the Wheel Of Life in which you'll identify which are your life priorities, that can be related to your profession, relationships, money and finances, health, personal development, among others.

Therefore, you'll organise your ideas and will set up the very first important goal that you'd like to achieve, visualising it and giving it a shape. In this step, you are also learning how to set goals and how to create a process in order to achieve them.


Why do you want to achieve your goal? - Your purpose behind.


"Clear vision = Clear mission" will take you to make a clear decision. Discovering the meaning/purpose that is behind any of the goals you set is paramount to keep your mind clearer from fear and uncertainty. Motivations will be analyzed as well, defining which ones are your internal and external motivators that lead your mindset and your statement of achievement.

After clarifying and recognizing what is it that moves yourself towards your goals, you can continue the journey...


Who is the protagonist of your story, your challenge, and your dream? Is it you?...


Going back for a moment and taking a quick look at the past and analyzing patterns, behaviors and beliefs, you'll be able to refresh those points that you'd like to improve and imagine how you'd like them to be in the future and how they match with the new version of that you are creating of yourself.  

In order to achieve this, you'll talk about the Mindset and how you can change it for our best, and also about resilience, which can be one of the aspects that are making you stop in your personal development process.


How do you think you'd achieve your goal? Well, there is a process... The Walt Disney Model


In this step, you’ll visualise how your action plan might be through different tools like The Disney Model or the S.W.O.T Analysis. These will help you defining the various actions that will be needed and focusing on the ones that will help your project to grow and develop. This will give you an idea of what you need to achieve in the process in order to achieve your main goal, your success.



Personal skills, competences, preparation, etc. are part of your Success Factors.


Here you’ll identify and analyse which are the success factors that are related directly to your personal skills, competencies, preparation, etc. and also with the specific nature of your goal.


You’ll also establish which are going to be your Strategic Result Areas, which will allow you to stay on track. 


Setting up deadlines...


Time matters, and It's also one of the critical factors that affect you whenever you are thinking of starting any action that has a specific result in consequence. This can be as simple as making a decision to start taking salsa dancing lessons or more complex as starting your own personal development process in order to achieve your desired goal.


It’s paramount that you structure an action plan in which you’ll break up your goal in various milestones with fixed deadlines that mark up the path to your success.


In this Step, we’ll talk about your Time Awareness and how you can manage your time in a more efficient way, setting up deadlines and accomplishing them.


“It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going”. Brian Tracy.


The environment where you decide to develop your idea, your business, your goal, it should have the right characteristics and benefits that support your project development.


In this step, we’ll check where you are on your road to success and you’ll also analyze if the environment where you want to develop your project is the most ideal one.


I Wish it, I Dream it, I Want it, I Reach it! - How to become the master of your destiny.


In this step, you’ll find the secrets to always being well-balanced, motivated and keeping emotions under control along your way to success, by learning and applying the right tools like the C.A.R.S Method or the Pomodoro Technique, among others.


It’s time to praise yourself for having achieved your goals. 

Having reached your goal is a huge achievement, and it’s being only possible because of your own efforts and perseverance. Everybody is capable of doing it, but not everybody has the knowledge and the tools needed.


At this point, you could define yourself as a model of excellence, and this model can be imitated by other people that are looking to achieve their own dreams. 


Now it’s time for you to spread the word, tell and inspire people through your experience!

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Follow your Dreams


Set up your desired goals


Change your life and achieve your Success!

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