Hello, my name is Cristian Cairo and I am a relationship coach, I am working in South   London and in the Italian  Community.
I help businesswomen who are struggling with their everyday relationship issues.
I am sure that you are thinking: why doesn’t my partner understand me, and why am I not able to dialogue with him?
Is it because, am I finding the wrong men in my life? But if am I not fiancé, why am I struggling to find a partner? Maybe, your situation is too hard for you and you want breakup?
Or are you a stressed businesswoman who'has to do what others want’ without giving importance to herself?
If you have seen yourself in this picture, and you want to solve your relationship issues or you want to deal with your partner’s communication issues,
Book your consultation with me today!
With my holistic approach and my C.A.I.R.O. Method, I help you to move toward your self-awareness, thinking about your role in your life and mission, and be ready to empower your business too!

                                                       Help you is my mission

I am coaching those women who want to improve or fix their relationship issues with themselves or someone else, like their own partner, boss, and colleagues, or family members.


Thanks to my recent business experience I can understand you and interact with you to solve your current relationship problems. I have helped many women to fix their relationship or to support them to leave toxic relationships.

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