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Helping you to consider what's going on.

One of the most beautiful gifts of our life is to love someone and feel loved, and we want to have satisfactory relationships with our partner, in our family and with those with whom we also have a commercial partnership.

I want to help you develop and maintain this, and at the same time strengthen your self-esteem and improve your communication skills to allow you to better manage your relationship.

My approach is both practical and holistic, so I can help you evaluate your situation by discovering what is happening from different points of view. 

I help you consider your reality in a practical way, but at the same time, I will focus on listening to your story with an open mind where there is no judgment and I give you the opportunity to express everything you need to express.

Together we will create a safe space to allow you to express yourself, to help you find those options and solutions that can make a difference in your life, step by step.
In fact, I successfully use my exclusive C.A.I.R.O. Method to help my clients change and transform their lives, also improving their relationship problems.

Why this approach?

Because our relationships are the result of different dynamics, as a relationship coach I can help you to discover what can block you in your relationship communication and to understand the dynamics behind your current relationship issues.

This way you can get results faster, working deeper to discover your real you, getting balance while you will get better results and start living the life you deserve.

My mission is to help you understand how you got to where you are now and help you realize yourself, your future you want as a woman, as a businesswoman and as a couple; to get where you want to go.

Get the best version of yourself, get the life you deserve. 

My mission is to help women who gave up finding a partner and women who want to restart a new life, I am working with single businesswomen, with women who are cheated by their partner, and with a couple with different problems.

By helping my clients, I decided to work with a few people and couples a week, because I want to guarantee all my attention to them, giving them a high value of the relationship session and focusing on their needs.

I would like to suggest you try my free consultation via Skype and Zoom to let you know if my approach and my coaching style are suitable for you. In general, my clients need at least six sessions, spread over 3-6 months to get the desired results.

I don't promise results without having the commitment and responsibility you need to take to change your situation, maybe I am too rude but without this, you cannot get your desired results.

I will work with you holistically but at the same time, I encourage you to work deeply and intensely to ensure the change you want.
I can work with you, using a wide range of methods, techniques, and workouts to meet your needs and the desire to start a new life, finding your new version of you.








How does Cristian Cairo relationship coaching session work?


At first, I will encourage you to speak about yourself and your situation and this normally takes thirty minutes.

Then, the session time will start, and it gets longer, and normally it is for one hour.

You will express what is concerning or struggling you at this moment.

This will allow you and me to understand:

 where you are now and, how you have got the most significant events and situation in your current relationship; then I will help you to know which thinking patterns, behaviors, choices, and decisions that have been created, before and within your current relationship.

Then, you could feel the need to restart a new life, being committed to get results.

This approach that can vary from person to person and it is very helpful both for women and couples, and it gives you the foundation to create the space to build a relationship coaching:  where to start to deal with the past and help you to create the freedom you deserve, the real you and the life you always wanted.

And I am sure that you will be happy to have some significant and deep homework to allow you to change, improve between sessions.

So, what is stopping you?

Get a chance.

What is included in my service?

I offer you a free relationship consultation via Skype and Zoom, previous appointment via email or filling my contact form.​

Having decided to work with me:

- I offer you a Free Feedback Consultation between the sessions

-  I give you unlimited emails to support you between sessions

I like to promote special offers to personalize your relationship coaching program with me, in a flexible way.

In fact, I wish to help you to solve your relationship issues that can influence other areas of your life and for this reason, I am available to give you the best offers to allow you to continue to have your session with me.

Contact me and Book your Free Consultation.

If you have a relationship issue or you are struggling to find a partner, and you have urgent questions I can help you with relationship coaching.

Why do not send me a message...?

I am based in the South of London and see clients from all over the UK and Italy via Skype and Zoom.



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