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Unhappy Relationship? Read this...

Do You Know How to Make Your Relationship Happy?

I am sure that sometimes, you have wondered how your neighbors are so good at making their relationship happy.

How do they stay in love, in any period of their life, despite problems or are they happy and lucky in every moment?

Uhmmm….I have bad news for you: their secret is not just about to be lucky; so, what does it?

Making Happy Relationships is like a job that needs a long process where the couple has to work hard and be committed every day in following what they suppose can make happy themselves and their relationship.

Of course, this is not enough without romance and love!

But at the same time, all of us need to know that as our life, our relationship can have a bright and dark moment. And only, how we deal with this fact make our own life and our relationship magical, where step by step we can learn how to grow in our relationship and how to nurture it.

And what does this mean?

If we want to have a happy relationship we need to be humble and make sorted all kind of issues that we could meet in our relationship: observing without judge each other- listening actively- be ready to help each other – be honest - and having the desire in solving problems within our relationship.

The happiest couples are the ones where honesty is a must and it makes more protect the couple life: sharing some heavy facts or aspects and different points of view that could not like one of the partners.

This makes real proof to evaluate how both of you are living your relationship.

In fact, one of the best ways is to test your relationship: how both of you choose to work through certain problems reveals how you are living your couple life.

And, how can you ‘fix’ heavy issues in your relationship?

Listening actively is the secret and be ready to support some ideas without judging different points of you.

Learn to listen to your partner’s position, without interruptions.

Be respectful and listen, then you will share your idea or opinion trying to summarize what your partner said and explain which points of her of his idea or explanation is different or weak compared with your point of you.

The aim here is to avoid defensive positions or heavy discussions that can degenerate without find solutions.

Try to help your partner to express their feelings and ask questions in a positive and assertive way, smiling and expressing your real and genuine interest.

Busy with your hobbies and are your poor committed to making a happy relationship? Read here...

Probably you are wondering, how your friends have so many hobbies, and at the same time, they are so busy sharing activities together…

Be engaged in a couple, doesn’t mean abandoning our hobbies or interests and our friendships.

Spending time apart for yourself is particularly important, in fact, most of the happy relationships are based on this principle as well, where the partner can express themselves and cure their own desires. It is positive to have some separate interests and activities because this can make you refreshed and ready to share your experiences with your partner.

And it is not at all, because missing your partner during your own activities helps remind you how important is to you. So, when you have the time to stay together is much better to make it lovely with quality, in term of time and presence: and the most important thing is that sometimes we can sacrifice a little bit ourselves in making extraordinary our shared activities when it was last time that you have a massage your partner?

Do you remember your last walk in the park hand to hand?

Or when you organized a lovely surprise or holidays for both of you?

Another happy couple secret is to nurture what attracts them to their partner.

Try to think: what has attracted you to your partner at the beginning of your relationship?

And my dear friend, nurture and keep this in your heart: be focused on their positiveness and appreciate those things that attract you to your beloved and enrich your life.

Make sense to your relationship and reminding to your partner how much she or he is important for you. And remember: your actions within your relationship will make grow it….

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