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Tips for Online Dating during the Lockdown

Updated: May 26, 2020

With these beautiful days and this lovely Spring after staying isolated, we want to find some romantic opportunities, and our fantasy runs imagining dinners with roses and nice Italian or French wine, meet a gorgeous interesting man in a coffee, or a brave gentleman who introduce himself to you and you get embarrassed with your heart beating like never before

.…But ‘Pufff!’ this beautiful dream disappears in an instant due to the coronavirus. Your heart is sad, and you are wondering how you can create these magical moments.

I am sure that at least one time in your life you have tried to use all sorts of dating apps and you have decided not to use them anymore because you prefer to meet somebody in the reality.

But now, you are revaluating how to use these apps and maybe, you have just started to make conversations or sending tons of messages, waiting for a man who can be your next Valentino or the good boy of next door…

Unfortunately, you are under pressure due to the high competition: at this moment a lot of single women or those women want to find a ‘distraction’ are searching for a partner online!

And you the verdict, it is not easy to find a partner online, because what works off-line doesn’t work online, or better this situation makes things more complicated.

Now, honey I wish to share with you some tips to help you to find a partner.

Couple leaning against each other

1- What kind of partner and relationship do you want to find online?

First of all, you have to ask yourself who can be your partner, which characteristics you are finding: maybe, you want to find a partner with similar age, or you want a partner who is older or younger than you, you wish to have a relationship with a native man or you want to find an ‘exotic’ man, and what kind of profession, interests, hobbies, religion your ideal partner has to have for you.

Or you like to know your partner step by step and you don’t mind meeting a man with a different background from yours…

And what kind of relationship your searching, a passionate hidden relationship, a romantic relationship, a friendship that will get a solid relationship?

This can be your ideal guideline but as you know we can’t force or command our heart…maybe, you will fall in love with somebody who isn’t your ideal type of man. Who knows?

And last but not least, did you decided where to meet your match?

2- Do not put yourself under pressure and don’t force the event.

Try to think, how many times you will use dating apps. It is really important, to know how many hours and days per month you will stay committed online while you are using dating apps or websites.

Because all results are the consequence of your actions or better those actions that are under your control, of course: if you will use your dating apps sporadically and then you forget to use it, your matches will turn their heads in other directions, or they will lose their interest to chat with you.

Or you could use your dating apps too much until you will annoy other users. So, before to start thinking about what kind of user you are and the amount of time you can use to meet matches.

And in addition, I suggest you don’t transform this in a challenge with yourself or transform it into a job, where you can lose your time awareness.

The best thing is to know if this strategy can suit with your lifestyle and your daily schedule or habits: in fact, now you have more time to stay online but in the future or after the lockdown, your life will get back as normal, and you have to consider that you could dedicate less time to this activity.

And keep in mind that this will affect your matches as well.

3 - Be yourself and be authentic.

Do you have created your profile? What kind of picture did you use for your image?

What kind of version of you, would you like to show to other users? Casual or in a business suit? In pajama or in a dress code? In your favorite pose or with your lovely pet?

And are you able to maintain your standard for a long period of time?

Did you consider not put many details about your home? I don’t explain this, I am sure you know what I mean.

4 - Be realistic and responsible.

As you have read before, things will change later or soon. So, you need to be realistic and responsible.

Are you sure to continue to see online your matches or your new partner for a long period? Maybe, things will change but your partner lives far from you or his job can delay your romantic dinner, or he wants just to have a ‘platonic’ relationship with you online.

And are you ready to meet him or her in real life?

Be honest with yourself and with your partner, if you want to make sense to your relationship ask to yourself questions and make the same with your partner: be ready, to accept that both of you or she or he doesn’t have the same idea of your relationship and maybe, you or they aren’t still ready to pass to the next level.

And if things get wrong or they do not match your expectation, and you don’t want to pass the next level, don’t blame yourself: things happen and in a romantic relationship nobody can force the events. Forgive yourself and be responsible.

Keep this experience and use it as a starting point to know yourself better and the kind of partner or relationship you want.

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