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The Secret of Relationship Quality Time: how to create a lovely unforgettable time with your partner

In my previous post, I have mentioned the 5 Languages of Love, and one of them is ‘The Quality Time language’; with this kind of language you or your partner simply wants spending time together. But does it mean for you or your partner exactly?

Before reading, try to write down your own answers, and if you like, you can ask your partner to do the same.

It means staying more time together, give your (or your partner) presence, be committed to supporting your partner when you are together, give importance to each other, and stopping or delaying other tasks when you are spending time together.

The most important thing is that your partner has to feel that you care for her or him, that you enjoy and like doing some activities together, and staying in quality time is for you an opportunity to know more about your partner and her or his desires and needs.

Quality time requires the humility to give up a little bit to your ego and if you want to donate quality time to your beloved, you have to be committed to creating quality conversation and it includes Words of Affirmation too.

Imagine creating nice and lovely activities with your partner with quality sympathetic dialogue where both of you can share experiences, feelings, desires in a calm and uninterrupted moment of your daily routine…where you feel relaxed and enjoy giving your time to your partner, the benefits are really worthy for both of you!

Make your partner time lovely: try to ask yourself, what emotions you can give to her or him.

Because a time to be a Quality Time requires emotions.

Remember: the secret of quality time is to do at least one of activity that you want to do and share your experience, be committed to doing daily activities together, and the most important thing is that both of you know why you are doing a certain activity to build quality time and express love for each other.

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