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The Power of Forgiveness

Updated: May 27, 2020

Female hands holding a yellow flower

( Pic by Lina Trochez Unsplah)

It is normal to want to defend yourself, but remember that anger and anxiety will weaken you over time. Do not have a hasty judgment on my post, its title may confuse you. But let's go in order. The power of forgiveness must be directed first of all towards you, forgive yourself. Not because you are not perfect or wrong, but because forgiveness for yourself is the bearer of light and hope. Look at things in different perspectives and wisdom, where events, when viewed as life lessons, allow us to learn and experiment. Forgiveness also applies to small things but with a great impact on themselves: let's forgive ourselves for what apparently seems an inadmissible or avoidable mistake, forgiveness is a gift from our heart. Forgive yourself when you have negative thoughts about yourself but also about others, after all, you already know that it is not your job to change them. But keep in mind that behind forgiveness there are other virtues: you rise to wisdom, and this in a relationship elevates you. Loving and forgiving, but also giving a different value to the word love and forgiveness towards others, strengthens and annihilates your doubts, making your personal qualities increasingly clear and balanced. Kindness raises you to a higher level, forgiving and forgiving opens the ways of the heart, but it does not mean not remembering the evil received or forgetting what has been done, on the contrary; what you have experienced will teach you for years to come, especially in remedying remorse. I forgave my girlfriend who betrayed my trust, and from that moment I felt freer and happier, and this is the miracle that hides behind your choice to take the next step ... Return to love.

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