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How to Boost Your Relationship by Act of Service!

How did you feel when you got in your favorite restaurant and the waiter served you like a queen?

I suppose you felt overly excited and happy like in the center of the universe!

And when it was last time your partner treated you like a queen?

In case, you have forgotten how to treat your partner and make her or him happy, please continue reading...

So, dear friend, do you remember which things your partner appreciates you could do in making her or him happy and loved?

Do you know your partner would like you to do?

Are you doing housework or are you cooking in making your partner felt loved?

Love someone is like a journey: we can decide the destination and doing our journey delighted with our beloved, but sometimes happens that we are not able to see the same horizons.

Do you know why?

Because we have a different point of view of our lives.

And it is not the only thing, we have different expectations.

We have different ways to communicate with others these expectations.

As you have read before in my previous posts about “The 5 Love Languages” by G. Chapman, we have different ways to communicate our feelings and love to others, especially to our partner.

One of these ways is the Act of Service.

How is expressed this love language?

In two ways: we have people who need to receive Act of Service to feel loved and accepted by the partner, and others who wish to express their romantic feeling with acts of service.

Sometimes, can happen that partners with different love languages are not able to ‘understand’ each other and this kind of love language, and this can generate misunderstanding in a couple. Where a partner could see this kind of interaction unappropriated or too childish.

So, are you able to understand your partner needs to receive Acts of Service?

And, are you open-minded to allow your partner to express her or his needs to give you more than your expectations by her or his numerous act of services?

In any case, you have to remember that they will appreciate your efforts in making them happy and loved by your Acts of Services

Now, it is time to act, or better to make Acts of Service, write down what you can do to help your partner, prepare a list with ten tasks.

In case, you are lazy....or you are procrastinating doing something helpful for your partner, please contact me, but I don't help you in your housework!

Ps. Download my Free Relationship Short Guide on my free resources!



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