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Do You Want to Communicate Better with Your Partner? The 5 Languages of Love by G. Chapman

Find the Right Way to Communicate with Your Partner. ( Introduction)

Why many couple have relationship issues?

Because they are not able to understand each other.

This is tremendous true: as we speak different languages, in the same way, we speak different love languages.

And if you are not able to understand what your partner wants to say or wish to communicate to you …you are in trouble, making misunderstanding all the time, with the consequence to destroy your relationship.

I want to help you to ‘communicate effectively’ with your partner but in an emotional way…

I read the interesting ‘The 5 Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman, and he concluded we have five emotional love languages, which are five ways that we use to express and understand emotional love.

These 5 Languages can be developed in a different way in a person, who will express them differently, where one of these 5 languages can prevail over the others; but we can just express and use one of the 5 languages, without developing necessarily the other ones.

So, which is your love language, and why is it important to know it?

As the title, said ‘Find the Right Way to Communicate with Your Partner’ is the basis to have a long love relationship story, but is not enough, why?

First of all, you need to know in which way you are expressing your emotions, your feeling, and how you communicate your love to others, especially to your partner.

You have to identify your Love Language because it is the way how you communicate to other your wishes, your desires your unique way of how you want to be considered and love, and how you express your love to your partner.

Understanding which is your Love Language, the next step is to learn how your partner communicate and express her or his feeling for you, or how she or he wants to give you signals that are the way to ‘catch’ your attention in a romantic relationship: so, you need to speak and communicate to your partner’s primary love language, and this is a great skill that will improve your relationship, especially for those want to create a long-lasting lovely relationship with their partner

Knowing your and your partner love language is a starting point because after falling in love you have to return to reality and begin to think, act, communicate and love in a way that allows you to stay in your relationship with all benefits that a long love story gives to a romantic couple.

Knowing the way as you communicate your romantic feelings is a skill that nobody will reveal you or teach you, but if you are ready to be committed to learning from yourself how to use your love language or listening to your partner love language, you will ensure yourself a way to create a better current love relationship or restart a new one with less stress for you…Life and love teach us, and knowing love languages are the way to create the life you deserve.

For these reasons and those reasons that lead you in your romantic relationship, I wish to invite you to evaluate your own and your partner complaints indicators: because they reveal your and her or his primary love language: learn to observe-listening actively and make questions to help each other to use better as much as possible the love language that expresses feelings and love for each other.

In the next post, you will discover deeply the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman and how they can improve your romantic relationship and help others around you to use them!

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