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Discover the Power of Physical Touch!

Which is the area where your partner can have the deepest emotional need?

It is the Physical Touch.

But it is not related to the sexual touch, only.

What does it mean?

Please don't think about it as a desire for sex. Our culture doesn't give too much importance to the Physical Touch, especially nowadays due to the pandemic in the course.

Be touched by ones we love or we take care of is one of the pillars of our happiness and self-esteem, and we have a different approach with this desire and we have a different level of feeling about it.

Maybe, you like to hug people around you and you need to have a physical touch to ensure your daily amount of hormones....for your happiness and wellbeing!

But not everyone likes to be touched, and how does your partner feel about the physical touch.

Many of us, both men and women, tend to assume that their partners need physical touch and in general, we match this need with a desire sexual intercourse, and we don't give importance to the fact that our partner will feel more appreciated, loved and valuated through a genuine and lovely physical touch.

Especially, during a hard time.....

Keep in mind that most sexual problems in marriage have little to do with physical touch techniques but in reality, the problems come from emotional needs.

So, if you are confused about your own and your partner's primary love of language, I wish to invite you to answer to the next questions, as Gary Chapman has formulated to help the couple to discover their language of love that is the pillar of an effective relationship communication skill.

What does your partner do or fail to do that hurts you deeply?

What hurts you is your love language.

E.g. - She or he doesn't touch me enough...In this case, your primary love of language is physical touch.

Or he or She doesn't help me when I need it, and my partner has broken her or his promises to support me in our daily home tasks...It could be that you need Act of Service, and this is your primary love language, but if your partner is simply lazy, this is a different case...

What have you most often requested of your spouse? The thing you have most often requested is likely the thing that would make you feel most loved.

How and in what way you express your love to your partner?

The ways you show love to your beloved ones give you the indicators about the way you would be feel loved, and this feeling get stronger in a romantic relationship.

One of the keys to having a happy and durable relationship is to learn the primary love language of your partner and allow yourself to let others learning yours.

I appreciate your comment, about your first primary love of language!

Share my posts about the 5 Love Languages with your partner and have fun discovering what it is her or his favorite love language, and how this helps both of you to communicate better your feelings.

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