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Relationship Coaching in London

Get your Relationship Sorted 


'The C.A.I.R.O. Method'


Live the Life you Deserve

Relationship coaching helps you with your relationship issues.

Which is the pain that is ruining your life balance, your self-esteem, and your motivation to live the life you deserve?

What are you trying to solve at this moment?



















If you see yourself in this list, and you are suffering and you don’t know how to deal or to find a solution, please don’t waste the opportunity to change what is stopping your happiness.

How long do you still want to live with your pain and in this situation?

I can help you.

I can help you transform your situation and relationship to create a new life with my support and my C.A.I.R.O. Method for Relationship.

I will happy to listen to your story without judgment; we will create the space to allow you to express what the issues are and what you are looking for to solve your problem.

We will start with an informal conversation where I can understand more about your problem and about you.

As a relationship coach, my mission is to make depth questioning techniques to facilitate dialogues in discovering step by step your problem and helping you to empower yourself to deal with your pain and sort it.

Relationship coaching is like a journey: you will start to express yourself, to explain what is concerning you and how you want to find a solution.

With my C.A.I.R.O. Method for Relationship, you will empower your self-esteem, your life balance and the motivation to allow you to learn the communication and behavioral skills, and learning and trying new strategies to help to understand more about yourself and your partner, and how to live your love story.

I wish to invite you to ask me any questions you need to learn about relationship coaching and how The C.A.I. R.O. Method for Relationship can help you.

Please contact me via email, I will be happy to arrange a chat via Skype and Zoom with you.

My Relationship Issues:

If you have a relationship issue or you are struggling to find a partner, and you have urgent questions I can help you with relationship coaching.

Why do not send me a message...?

I am based in the South of London and see clients from all over the UK and Italy via Skype and Zoom.


Ciao Amici!


My name is Cristian Cairo and I'm a proud Relationship and Life Coach living in London, a marvelous city that has allowed me to grow as a person and to make my most desired dreams come true.

I am helping women who are struggling with their relationships, with themselves, their own partner, boss, and colleagues, or family members.

I wish to be seen as a wing for those women who feel stuck or cannot take action and therefore they can’t live the life they choose, so I help them to fix their relationship or to support them for example to leave toxic relationships. I do this through my personalized 1 to 1 relationship and life coaching session, where I use my holistic approach and my exclusive C.A.I.R.O. Method.


I consider myself the kind of person who, if sees the possibility and the inner power in women, will want to encourage them to achieve their goals, giving them the opportunity to change their lives. How great is that, don't you think so?.


I am also an author and a writer! I've recently published my first book based on my life experience and my expertise on life-changing, "The 10 Amazing Steps to Success". With my 10 Steps, with my approach and workouts, you will be able to define and realize which are your life-purpose goals and build a plan of how you will achieve them. 


"Success is in the hands of who is willing to challenge himself for a mindset change in order to focus on your real life-purpose goals"


Cristian Cairo - Relationship Coach & Author



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The 10 Steps

The  10 Amazing Steps to Success

Infographic: 10 Steps to Success

To know everything about  "The 10 Amazing Steps to Success"

About the book


How to achieve your goals and live happily

"The 10 Amazing Steps to Success!" - How to achieve your goals andlive happily’ is a precious guide inspired by famous and ordinary achievers. This isn’t a guru-book: the book helps you to understand the real meaning of "success", because it is the first pillar for those people like you who want to reach their goals or change their lives.


My book helps you to build a strong foundation: developing your strengths and the skills that you need to achieve your goals, transforming your old habits in new positive habits and learning how to take the road to success in a unique practical way step by step with more than 80 workouts and my exclusive tests!


The workouts help you to evaluate the main areas of your life and how you can overcome your limitation or the barriers around you that can stop your dream.


Step by step, you will drive from the beginning to the end of your action plan, monitoring periodically your
progresses and improving your skills, transforming them into new talents!

My Book
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Jose Ucar

Public Speaking and Communication Trainer

I’ve never met a person with the drive Cristian has. I believe that coaching requires skills, personal experience, heart and soul, and he has them all. Cristian is a very talented coach and a great example of how you can turn your life around and make it what you want it to be. I encourage you to contact him and experience his coaching style. 


Linda Shrimpton,

Author of

"Be Happy - A Spiritual Journey"

"The 10 Amazing Steps to Success" would make very good background knowledge and support to help you reach your goals. A very helpful and thorough approach is explained and described in great detail, which gives encouragement towards what you may wish to achieve in life. 

Cristian has your heart’s desires in mind, who truly wishes you to be happy and inspired in your journey of personal and human growth.



Career Advisor in

Further Education College

I met Cristian while undertaking a voluntary position with an organisation called GRIT. This organisation helped to change many young people's lives by looking at some aspects that were stopping them from being their best version of themselves, and through life coaching. It is here when I discovered Cristian's passion an self-belief, he totally transformed the doubts and barriers of the young people he worked with into success. His book is a excellent tool to use as it has been tired and tested by the man himself.

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