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What does it mean to be a relationship coach?

Relationship problems are rising and more people need relationship coaches.

Relationship coaches help to resolve relationship issues or conflicts within any genre of the couple: a romantic relationship, professional and business relationship, family and friendship relationship.

Relationship coaches provide giving support to helping their clients to build stronger interpersonal and relationship skills:

- through active listening, relationship coaches help their clients to clarify their relationship issues, evaluating from different points of view their situation,

- through workouts or workshops, the clients can learn how to deal with their relationship issues, such as relationships with themselves or others.

Usually, when we think about a relationship, we automatically link this word to a romantic relationship and related issues.

But with the term relationship, we can give many examples.

We can mention family relationships or business relationships for instance.

And how I teach my clients and students:

Every relationship we create is the foundation and cornerstone in building a future romantic relationship.


As you connect or relate, to others around you, it's a thermometer to gauge whether you can be successful in finding a romantic partner.

Building relationships is a really important skill for anyone looking to find a partner.

And a relationship coach can really help you learn from yourself how to create a new and fulfilling relationship; which can open the doors to a romantic relationship.

Think for a moment:

Those people around you, like your friends, colleagues, relatives, and others, have somehow developed interpersonal skills to enable them to find a partner.

Sometimes the blindfolded goddess or cupid intervenes but without an intelligent emotional development or a basic knowledge of relational dynamics, it is almost impossible to create relationships with others, even sentimental ones.

For this reason, a relationship coach, thanks to her or his studies and his professional and life experience, will be able to help you improve those relational skills useful to overcome those internal obstacles that are blocking you in meeting new people and finding a partner, whether you are single and whether you have come out of a romantic breakup

Would you like to know more about how to build happy relationships?

Contact me via email at and I will happy to help you!

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