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Speak Your Partner’s Language: The Giving Language of Love

Do You Remember When you have Given a Gift to Your Partner?

Do You make gifts only on certain occasions and anniversaries?

And it was the last time when Your Partner gave you a gift?

Uhmmmm….I hope you remember it or check-in your calendar!

If you feel sad because she or he doesn’t make you a gift like you aspect, I suggest you read my new post.

What do you think when your partner gives you a gift?

Maybe you say:“ Ohhh…he loves me!”

“Look at this beautiful ring… she was thinking of me,” or, “He is so busying in his job but he remembered me.”

You know that is not the nature of the gift, given by your partner but it is important to you that he or she shows you their feelings and love.

Nowadays, is not easy to buy a gift due to the time of crisis but at the same time, we don’t need to buy expensive gifts, because the most important thing is to express our love to our partner, who takes care of this kind of kindness.

Giving a gift is like to be present for your beloved.

Your partner is very sensitive and needs confirmations, and her or his primary love language is receiving gifts.

Remember: giving a gift when is not expected by your partner is very powerful.

It is positive to both of you: you feel happy in giving it and see your partner excited and your partner feels loved and in the center of your life.

Try to think about what can make your partner happy.

Maybe a romantic dinner?

Or a love boat journey on the River Thames?

Did you see her eyes, when she looked at her favorite pair of shoes in the shop window?

Do you know what kind of aftershave your boyfriend wants to buy?

Now, if you are not creative, I want to help you to create a list of gifts that can make happy your partner!

Write down at least 10 gifts that you can donate to your partner, but keep it hidden from your partner's eyes! case you want some help in making your gifts' list, please contact me, especially before your anniversary!


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