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How to deal with a Toxic Relationship

Updated: May 26, 2020

Couple standing in the sea back to back

(Unsplah- Alex Iby)

First of all, you have to evaluate what is affecting you in your relationship to understand if you are living a toxic relationship, to manage it and heal yourself. You are in a toxic relationship when something is causing you disappointment, stress, suffering and you get anxious and unhappy.

You can use this list, to evaluate your situation.

- False promises,

- Frequent arguments or conflicts

- Isolation or Neglecting

- Criticism

- Feeling inadequate, under control, overwhelmed, disconnected, not loved, abandoned

- Anger

- Lack of intimacy

- Lack of confidence

- Poor self-esteem

But knowing your situation is not enough, it is time to deal with your toxic relationship and to find other options to create the space to live a new life.

Is a toxic relationship just related to your partner? In many cases, we are living in a bad situation where for instance we have to cut off our contacts or avoid meeting other family members because they're treating us like a doormat, are you seeing yourself in this picture?

Or it can happen that you are living in the situation where you are surrounded by people who don’t respect you in different ways, like your boss who is bullying you or don’t pay you regularly, or like your ‘nice friends’ that just are using you for their needs and they don’t support you when it is your turn.

If you feel used by others and you don’t have the strength to say no to avoid overwhelmed tasks or unhealthy situation for you, maybe is a good way to follow the next piece of advice to help you to manage your toxic relationship…

Follow my next article in my blog, and in case you need an urgent relationship coaching consultation, or a counselor please make a chance to change your situation and ask professionals to help you.

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