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How to deal with a toxic relationship

Updated: May 27, 2020

A short guide to deal with your toxic relationship.

In my previous article, I have shown you what can be a toxic relationship and how to evaluate what can stop your happiness and the life you deserve. Now, I wish to help you to consider my piece of advice like a short guide to allow you to deal with your toxic relationship.

- At first, the only way to help you with your situation is to accept your difficulty.

- Then you need to start to set up a new mindset to create the space to your needs and to allow you to manage your feeling. Maybe, you are blaming others for your situation, but you have to start to take responsibility if you want to change what is making your life like rubbish…

On one hand, you have to understand which of your thoughts are limiting your choices and your decision to stop a particular situation, while on the other hand, you can start to deal with your toxic relationship with appropriate strategies. These strategies can be related to improving your self-esteem, to improve your communication skills and your listening skills; in these ways you can control your emotions, your thoughts and the reaction that could get the situation worst.

Other strategies need a specific goals, for instance, if you want to break up your toxic relationship you will need to find support in those can help you or to ask advice to expert, like charity for women with relationship issues. You can start right now, for instance to avoid reading their messages or cancel them, to stop following their social media profiles; your tasks are to avoid those situations that he or they can take advantage of…

Remember you have a specific and clear goal, if you want to change your situation and to continue to work on it, every single day. In the beginning, you will attempt to resist or avoid certain situation but step by step you will feel more confident, and this will drive you to find new options and solutions. It is important that your strategies don’t give others the impression that you are still weak, or you don’t have other options than stay with them, or him.

Another fact, is that you need to become stronger but this doesn’t mean to change yourself completely, you can deal with your toxic relationship and in the same way respect your real nature, without compromises that can be worse for you and your self-esteem. And remember, the most important pillar to follow, if you want to change is to be compassionate with yourself and find what can give you the hope to create a new version of yourself.

I wish to advise you to take some mindfulness lessons or yoga, to help you to create relaxation and the energy you need in this moment, or you can follow your own interests to help you to avoid thinking too much in what is stopping your self-realization.

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