Passionate About Inspiring Others, 
Helping Women to Transform their Lives

How I changed my life after a sad moment of my life, surviving with few monies in my pocket? How was it possible to an Italian expat 43 y.o. to publish a strategy guide to reach goals, after living in U.K. three years only? And why did I become life coach?

The answers aren’t so obvious my friend. I wish to share with you some events in my life which were initially sad and dramatic and then turned into opportunities for me; many things have changed and many of these have left me incredulous. In fact, never in my life had I thought of writing a book, even less in English!

But now, we need to take a step back in time. It was in 2009 when I began to lose myself chasing the false purpose by working hard for long hours every day, without any spare time. I had to face reality: I was wasting my life for nothing.


I had realised that I needed to build a new life. I went to live alone, and I found a new job as an estate agent, but scared by the Italian economic crisis, although I loved my new job, I sadly decided to leave it. This was my downfall because in the meantime, other troubles started, expenses increased. Despite I found another temporary job, I sold my new car and my off-road motorbike to collect the money needed to pay all my debts and I went to eat at the Caritas charity in my town, because I did not want to weigh on my parents. I sold everything to buy food and with the money saved I bought self-help books. In the meantime, my landlord sold his property where my little flat was and I had lived without electricity and the heater: I remember that moment, it was in the winter cold and in the cold of my room that, immersed in the darkness, I read thanks to a candle one of Napoleon Hill's masterpieces, The Law of Success. Napoleon Hill’s autobiography has changed my life, and later his example inspired me to write my book.

Those readings helped me to overcome another sad moment when my beloved decided to leave me for another man. That moment was terrible, after three years of pain, sacrifice and battles spent to find a new balance.


...A lucky day can appear at any time of our life, and ever since I have been happy to have sipped a coffee at a bar! While I was drinking my coffee, I read an interesting article on Life Coaching and how four women managed to change their

lives. That same evening, I looked for useful information to feed my curiosity about Life Coaching and phoned one of the women in the article! She was a life coach at the Italian School of Life & Corporate Coaching, and that phone call changed my life forever. I wanted to become a life coach.


With economic sacrifice, I attended a Life Coaching course with Luca Stanchieri in Milan in 2015. I was so motivated that I presented my first public life coaching seminar in front of an audience of over fifty people at the UIL (Unione Italiana Lavoratori, Italian Labour Union) headquarters in Alessandria, where I was a volunteer driver with the Trasporto Amico programme. In 2016, I became a member of A.I.C.P. the Italian Association of Professional Coaches.


In August of the same year, thanks to Laura Ottone of Welcome Agency, I moved to live in the UK as an au pair... at forty-three years of age, maybe I was the oldest male Au Pair in the World! During my stay in Warwickshire, England, I walked hundreds of kilometres while visiting the county, but the purpose was to save on the high cost of bus fare...


After a while, I found a job as a cleaner at Hinchley Wood Secondary School in Surrey, where I am still working nowadays in the afternoon, in quality of a caretaker.


I promised that I wanted to be grateful to my new Country, in fact, I volunteered for the Evolve Housing Plus in Croydon. While, in 2018, I participated in a Performance Coaching programme at the Ark Academy of Wembley, a great experience that has allowed me to help young students achieve their goals; a memory that will stay forever in my heart, thanks above all to Sarah of GRIT (www.grit.org.uk). It was October 2018, when I decided to create something great: this time I had no doubt, I wanted at all costs to write a book to help people to transform their lives; and my life could set an example for those who have not stopped dreaming in life. And after all, my reading in self-help books and my experience as a life coach could make an important contribution to my readers, what could stop me?


It was hard to write in English, especially after a day at work, but I was determined to finish my first draft after a month only. I still remember the fatigue to write all nights or to write my book more than twelve hours during my weekends. All my efforts gave me the happiness to see my book published in June 2019.


I challenged myself many times in life because it was the way to know who I am really. My dear friend, do you know that I challenged myself by cycling alone, with a crazy and heavy small push-bike? I cycled from Alessandria to the Principality of Monaco in 2016, in just two days, a real record if we think that I was overweight and had never made a long trip on a bicycle!


I like to ride my old Ducati Monster motorbike on the South of England roads, and I have ridden my motorbike from Italy to England in 2017. In the future, I want to ride my motorbike all over Europe.


I relax to listen to Mozart or Beethoven, and The Blutengel...that sounds inappropriate if you want to relax, but its music sounds fantastic to me. I grew up listening to Umberto Tozzi, Freddie Mercury, Buddhabar and I like the wonderful voice of Giusy Ferrero. And which is your favourite kind of music?


During these last three years, I read the ‘Coaching for Performance’ by Robert Dilts the Brian Tracy bestseller ‘Eat the Frog!’ and all books of my favourite Italian authors Luca Stanchieri and the Life Coach Roberto Cerè. Nowadays, I like reading Tony Robbins’ books or The Gospel, The Lotus Sutra and The Koran to nurture my spiritual growth. But I don’t read all this book at the same moment.

In the past, I enjoyed watching the Italian comedian Franco & Ciccio’s movies, while at the moment I love to watch British Documentaries or Bollywood movies and I am a Spiderman’s movies fan.


I decide to challenge myself in something very dangerous, I am joined to a ballroom dancing classroom where I am trying to learn the Foxtrot, Tango, Cha-Cha-Cha and other ballets.


At the present time, I am focused on creating my seminars based on my book, and I started to write down the draft about my next book, that will be published in 2021.


In conclusion, I wish to talk to you about my approach as Life Coach. I always believed that if I can help one person to improve his or her life this will have an enormous impact on other lives. I prefer to see the good things that humanity has done instead of seeing the bad version of our history. I am following this principle every day giving my best to the people around me, both as a man and as a life coach. I prefer to be ready to be amazed by human inner resources rather than hide myself under false beliefs and judgements. I want to be genuine with the person in front of me, allowing myself to discover the others’ personal story, future vision and their strengths.


I am the coach who, if I see the possibility and the inner power in people, will want to encourage them to achieve their goals, giving them the opportunity to change their lives. I can only work with people if there is the opportunity to create the space for a coaching relationship, where there is a performance that needs to be increased or improved following the same approach as in sport training but with a profound humanistic vision of the person, respecting his or her whole being as unique and unrepeatable. I invite you to start considering leaving your comfort zone to create a new incredible way of changing your life, discovering the best version of themselves that exists in this universe.